In 2014 we started our leavinghomefunktion adventure on Ural motorcycles with sidecars. We chose the longest way to the West – the one that crosses the entire East. The original plan was to cross the Bering Strait into Alaska – travel through Canada and The US to reach New York.We started without a clue in mechanics and headed for the Caucasus Mountains. 5000 km later we setup our WINTERCAMP I in The Republic of Georgia where we got our first real lesson in doing things like the locals do.

// Kickstart from Halle (Saale) 07 – SEPTEMBER – 2014 @16:00 PM

// One of the 308 gearbox changes over the last 2.5 years. Fastest gearboxing record so far in just 16 mins!!!

// Wintercamp 2014/15, Tserovani, Georgia. The mountainscape provided us with our 1st off-road experience

After a great length of foreign bureaucracy and mechanical preparations we headed for our next big challenge: getting to know a true feeling for distance.The next 20.000 km was a full on experience through Kazakh thunderstorms, Mongolian staircases of sand and some pretty aggressive Siberian tiger mosquitoes.

// Mongolian Mountains in Darbi, May 2015

Somewhere where Siberia ends and the Far East of Russia begins we decided to put ourselves to another test: The Old Road of Bones. After 300 km of swamp, rivers and mud they realized how heavy things can get if we want to go further up direction Bering Strait…which is where the landway of this project turns into waterway…

Setting up WINTERCAMP II in Canada we got another healthy dosage of local culture and managed to collect the necessary funds for creating an Amphibious Ural 650. We were finally ready to go back to the Russian Far East! This was the absolute extreme of our journey:1600 km of floating on the isolated Kolyma river with a float driven by the bitch of a Ural 650 engine.

Our homestretch recently ended as we huffed and puffed all the way between Chukchi and Alaskan tundra making our way down to New York City. Our grand finale was a warm welcome among the frosty streets of New York and we will be going into detail with the amazingness of the Lower 48 and the Big Apple in our upcoming blogposts! In the meantime though you can see what we’ve been up to over the past couple of years through our social media platforms!


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