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In 2014 we started our leavinghomefunktion project on old soviet motorcycles with sidecars (Ural 650). We chose the longest way to the West – the one that crosses the entire East and estimated a total route of 30.000 km on a bike which has an appetite for breaking down. The original plan was to cross the Bering Strait into Alaska – travel through Canada and The US to reach New York. This geographical framework in combination with our vehicle of choice would enable us to move slowly from country border to country border and to encounter how things work in both overpopulated and remote regions.
One of our main objectives lies in shifting our daily lives as artists from the privacy and comfort of our studios to a creative process which mobilizes itself by taking place on the road. We wanted to question and push both our sense of practicality and creativity by efficiently adapting to geographical regions and to learning from the cultures found along our route. We feel that experiencing 1st hand information removes cultural preconceptions and creates a space for understanding and tolerance. We hope to motivate, encourage and concern anyone who crosses our path with getting out there and exploring the many faces of the world.
post it design: new connections for the brainUndertakings like this ables to rearrange one’s own precepts of cultural and social constructions. When conventional notions are no longer effective, one can make new connections and reconsider the general framework for personal judgment.As the Ural 650 is prone to breaking down we see this as the perfect framework for encountering locals, overcoming communication barriers, finding solutions and exchanging knowledge. At the basis of unbiased storytelling we experiment with documentation techniques which attempt to explore new perspectives of “foreign territories”.
leavinghomefunktion post-it design: encouraging community formationIn a time of seemingly multimedia transparency, it is a luxury to generate first-hand knowledge through personal experience. This project aims to develop our personal understanding of the world but beyond this we feel it’s important to transmit this personal development value onto the social network that we come to form. We believe that personal encounters and mutual understanding lay the foundations for good governance. The basis for peaceful coexistence comes through a feeling of community and requires work and commitment to social interaction – which in our eyes is more necessary than ever.
leavinghomefunktion post it design: daily life in foreign territoriesWhat we are planning is no exit from our working lives, but the shift of our artistic work out of the studio into a “mobile studio”. Our attempt is, left to ourselves, to go on a path way beyond “safe” limits. Through our mobile studios we take the opportunity to develop a far roaming network between eastern remoteness and western development. Travelling slowly by land lets us encounter the inner-workings of both overpopulated and isolated regions.
leavinghomefunktion post it design: unfiltered information for a couch potatoPreceding all of this is the urge for challenge and a fascination of the unknown, in search of values, limits and unfiltered information. Step by step, meter for meter – the farther we depart from the area which we call “home”, the further we complete our cryptic view of the world. As fragile as it may sound, what matters is what we see, since our concepts are built on pictures.



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  • Hi, we met you all at Death Valley National Park this past Thursday. We got to talk with Anna and totally enjoyed your story and appreciation of your journey as we were Harley riders (U.S.). As we explained to Anna, we are full-time RV’ers who are on a journey of our own, however, staying in the United States. Hardly comparable to either as bikers or nomadic RV travelers, we understand what you’re doing and why. We also are bloggers and have our own facebook page to share our journey; of which, at this moment, we are blogging about our interactive experience with you all yesterday. I hope you don’t mind as we think its very worthy of sharing with our friends, family and our followers.

    Our facebook page:

    and our blog: (look for our blogging of your story soon!)

    we also Instagram: AlwaysOnLiberty

    Please email us your shipping address so we can send you keepsakes.

    We enjoyed meeting you all and learning your story. Please keep in touch!

  • Wir haben die Crew getroffen auf dem Freiträumer Festival .. Das kann man nicht beschreiben- das muss man erleben!

    Vielen Dank für einen wunderschönen Abend im Theater Plauen!

    Ihr seit unglaublich !

    Patrick und Peggy, chocolate maker

  • Coming-Home Presentation am Sa. 29.April 2017 war einfach nur genial. Menschen die nicht nur träumen, sondern auch sehen und vorallem spüren wollen was es heisst Phantasie/Vision in Erfahrung/ in Erleben umzusetzen, sollten einer der nächsten Wiederholungstermine unbedingt wahrnehmen.

    Vielen Dank für einen großartigen Abend sagt Heinz aus Darmstadt.

  • … man kann das “Projekt” auch in einfachen Worten beschreiben: Einfach mal 2 Jahre ‘Auszeit’ und raus aus dem Alltag, die Welt erkunden und erleben – so wie ich mit 10 Jahren ‘Auszeit’ …

  • … und eine grosse multimediale “Story” daraus / darueber zu machen muss auch nicht sein, nicht wirklich – es sei denn zur Finanzierung der Reise. Hinz und Kunz macht heute abenteuerliche Weltreisen, der (Buecher-) Markt ist voll davon; man muss selbst noch Geld mitbringen, um einen Verleger zu finden …


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