URAL 650



The Ural motorcycle is a cross-country vehicle which is closely attached to Russia, ex-Soviet countries and Mongolia. This type of motorcycle with a sidecar has historically been a traditional means of transportation all across the communistic era. It is generally considered robust, anyone can repair it, and spare parts can be found in a local pile of garbage, a musty attic or the backyard of some lonely tacha.




The way by which we get around in a country plays a fundamental role, essentially determining how one perceives his surroundings as well as the course of his social interactions. Our choice in old Russian motorcycles arrived from a fundamental need to overcome communication and media barriers. These ultimately basic machines are the perfect channel and medium through which we collaborate with people in creating practical solutions to unrealistic situations.





The very fact that we have only a marginal idea regarding the motorcycle´s technology and additionally have no mechanic who will accompany us on the trip, reinforces the idea that completing the journey in record time is not our main goal. Considering that around every bend we could be facing a breakdown, and that the number of repairs is likely to be equated with the number of mosquitoes in Siberia, is something we see less as a problem and more as an exciting challenge throughout the journey.




We have met many people who consider the idea of our trip absurd. Nevertheless, these people have helped us an innumerous amount of times thus becoming a part and parcel of our project. By using the Ural as a networking tool our project aims to prove that a face to face social interaction which is targeted at generating solutions can create the basis for mutual understanding.

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