07.02.2020 @19:00        Leipzig (D) Reisefibel@Kunstkraftwerk    >>> sold out

08.02.2020 @14:00       Kiel (D) Horizonta@Audimax Kiel     >>> Tickets

09.02.2020 @14:00       Lübeck (D) Horizonta@Musik- und Kongresshalle     >>> Tickets

21.02.2020 @12:00       München (D) Reise- und Freizeitmesse@Messe München     >>> Tickets

21.02.2020 @14:00       München (D) Reise- und Freizeitmesse@Messe München     >>> Tickets

29.02.2020 @14:00       Kassel (D) Horizonta@Kongress Palais    >>> Tickets

07.03.2020 @16:00       Jena (D) Lichtbildarena@Unicampus Jena   >>> sold out

07.03.2020 @20:30       Jena (D) Lichtbildarena@Unicampus Jena >>> Tickets

13.03.2020 @19:30       München (D) Erdanziehung@Das Schloss  >>> Tickets

15.03.2020 @14:00       Augsburg (D) Erdanziehung@Barbarasaal  >>> Tickets

21.03.2020 @19:30       Landshut (D) Erdanziehung@Bernlochner  >>> Tickets

22.03.2020 @17:00       Regensburg (D) Erdanziehung@Kolpinghaus  >>> Tickets

03.04.2020 @20:15       Stuttgart (D) Traum&Abenteuer@Theaterhaus   >>> Tickets

05.04.2020 @14:30       Kreuztal (D) Kulturamt Kreuztal   >>> Tickets

05.04.2020 @19:00       Kreuztal (D) Kulturamt Kreuztal  >>> sold out 

06.04.2020 @18:00       Hameln (D) Kulturzentrum Sumpfblume   >>> Tickets

23.10.2020 @19:30      Darmstadt (D) Weitsicht @Darmstadtium   >>> Tickets

24.10.2020 @18:00      Mittelbrunn (D) Gemeindezentrum Mittelbrunn   >>> Tickets

31.10.2020 @14:00       Hamburg (D) Horizonta@Laeiszhalle



For over 2 years we’ve been invited into many homes and hosted by a pretty unbelievable diversity of people. Now that we’ve created our homebase it’s our turn to invite you to be our guests…After all, pushing a Ural around the globe is not a story that should remain behind closed curtains…

Through different forms of media we want to welcome you into our sidecars and weave together through a 40,000 kilometer expansion of 3 continents – float on the bizarre Kolyma stage down to the Arctic Ocean – enter an un-borderd network of whimsical anecdotes and experiences. Accompanied by the constant Kazakh wind, ominous Siberian Tiger Mosquitos and the overlapping question of “How far will we make it today?” we want to let you into the theater of the Ural and the repetitive whiplashing of the breakdown.

If you want to prepare for the evening in advance it is advisable to first enjoy an ice cold shower directly from your neighbours garden hose. Park your feet in a mini ice cooler…brush your teeth with toothpaste mixed with sand and wear as many t-shirts as you have … We look forward to seeing you there!



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