Wherever we travel our studio and office travels with us. We utilize film, illustration, photography and text to keep this journey financed and well oiled. Our cooperation with our partners has been an interesting and mutually beneficial journey in itself. Sponsored with high quality camera equipment, we are able to document our adventure project and at the same time set up professional productions for partner companies worldwide.

We are always welcoming new partners who want to jump into our team with professional equipment and innovative financial solutions in exchange for expanding their company image through the image of a unique off-road adventure.If you are interested in working with us on this project feel free to get in contact with us via any of our contact links >>




Thanks to AIRE’s great support we have the chance to build our prototype for THE KOLYMA CHALLENGE! Now 2 x16 ft long blue AIRE tubes occupy our backyard…Soon we will do our first real life trial of the floating Ural on the Fraser river…! While you’re waiting for our submarine spectacle though you can check out the marvel maker’s website: http://www.aire.com/



touratech logo / sponsorship

Touratech has sponsored us with helmets and waterproof equipment. In return we provide Touratech with visual and written content based on our unique adventure. All provided material is used accordingly for the company’s promotional purposes. Website: http://www.touratech.de/


a-4 function logo / sponsorship 2014 - 2016 / leavinghomefunktionA-4 Functional Design has sponsored our journey with polar clothes. We have tested the A-4 NORDKAP thermosuits and have provided them with high quality product-staging while undergoing extreme situations throughout the the Asian continent. Website: http://art-for-function.com/


vodafone logo / leavinghomefunktion sponsorship 2014Vodafone has supplied us with camera equipment, navigation systems and outdoors recreational devices which we continuously test under extraordinary situations. These include GoPro’s, DJI Drone, Garmin Navigation system and UE BOOM speakers. http://blog.vodafone.de


They’ve helped us from the other side of the world whenever our machines got tricky. They appear from time to time in matching engineering suits to save us from mechanical distress! Above all a BIG thanks to Tom for introducing us to the URAL. More suffering coming soon with our book productions ;) www.karren-publishing.com


logo moto-moscow (russia, india and china) / leavinghomefunktion sponsorship PIT STOP.1// Gernot Brandt is one of the 2 names we can blame for introducing us to the Ural fixing party. For more information on the blasphemous nature of the Ural visit: http://www.moto-moscow.de/


motoflot logo / leavinghomefunktion sponsorshipPIT STOP.2// We met Olli and Sabine at the start of our journey, on a rainy night when he picked us up from a petrol station. We thank him for the pickup, the tea, the roof and the carburators. http://www.motoflot.de/


ural logo / ural russian motorcycles (europe) / leavinghomefunktion sponsorship 2014PIT STOP.3// Thanks to Ural Europe we have had a brand new engine, new tank and spare parts! With our return to Europe we also expect to host a presentation at the Ural representatives in Austria! More information at http://www.ural.at/


satellite communication logo / sponsorship SATELLITE COMMUNICATION has sponsored us with an ‘IRIDIUM Satellite Phone’ which we expect to be very useful in the face of danger (Which we hope we won’t come across) https://www.iridium.com/


travellunch auaplus (lightweight food) logo / sponsorship travellunch will provide us with lightweight full meal packages that will probably come very handy after Bilibino when civilization will become even more scarce than usual up in the Russian Far East! Check their website out: http://travellunch.de/


Avon-LogoSince we’ve crossed thousands of kilometers off-road we are mainly in need of new tyres. AVON TYRES will support us with a new set of tyres for our sweet Urals. More information at http://avonmoto.com/


The amazingly compact solar panels which GOALZERO sponsored us with were really useful in the constant sunlight up in Chukotka and Sakha! Thanks to GOALZERO we were able to keep our cameras charged and show the whole world some of the most remote corners of the earth! More @ http://goalzero.com/


PIT STOP.4// Marita Sea & Ski/Alaska Power Sports has shown us full-on hospitality: They greeted our Urals into Alaska and put a roof over their heads and helped us deal with our 1st Ural related issues in Alaska ;) Among a wide range of sports equipment you will find that they also sell…URALS (brand new and with less breakdowns than ours). http://www.alaskapowersports.com


PIT STOP.5// “LOVE & PEACE & URAL GREASE!” Impossible to forget Mickey, Muriel and Sophie! In Delta Junction we got to see some true Alaskan spirit. Apart from helping us out with a whole bunch of things like alignments, gearboxing, tractor seats and spoking they introduced us to a couple of great characters, one of which we call Robert W.Service.


PIT STOP.6// We finally met the faces behind Irbit! With an un-bordered combination of Russian/American hospitality Ural helped us with a 650/750 transformation, alternators, cylinder heads, wheels, tires, suspensions, air filters, horns, blinkers…the whole works! An ∞ of THANK YOUS to Ural HQ for opening the doors for our mile-creaking old-timers!


FINAL STOP.1.NYC// As soon as we arrived in NYC, we found ourselves unbelievably warm hosted by Shmuel. So we moved into his café/ restaurant/ wine bar, where we were surrounded by a most delicious international cuisine, an exquisite selection of mouth-watering drinks and great company. It’s a MUST – especially on 2 WHEEL TUESDAYS! We’re lucky for the connections made at Spiegel >> spiegelnyc.com


FINAL STOP.2.NYC// We met many Ural dealers along our way – each one very unique. So is Craig Filipacchi – just freshly into dealing with Urals, was brave enough to take us in, give us and our Russian sweethearts a place to stay. He even trusted us with his brand new Ural 750 through New York traffic… Thank you for the splendid cocktail kick-off and the warm Ural-Welcome! More >> www.filipacchi.com 


UG-logo-vertical-stacked FINAL STOP.3.NYC// With a remarkable effort and ambition Union Garage helped us framing the final showdown in NYC – You made our stay in Big Apple unforgettable! Thank you for that final platform, for a well lubricated cooperation and the months of preparation, all the photo shoots, the beer sponsoring and tolerating all the oil stains we left behind! More >> www.uniongaragenyc.com







stichting kaus australis (artist's residency) logo / cultural organization / leavinghomefunktion supporters / rotterdam 2014The residency where it all started. Thanks to TransArtists and Anne Wenzel (NL) for bringing us together under the roof of Kaus Australis. Artist’s residencies are spaces for forming unique exchange of cultures. So was also the case when we spent many nights in the Kaus Australis kitchen with words flying around in the shape of German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek and English! Visit the haus of kaus: http://kausaustralis.org


franckesche stiftungen zu halle / franckesche stiftungen foundation / logo / wunderkammer exhibition - room for association / cominghomefunktion project : the theater of the ural - a play in breakdownsIn collaboration with the Frankesche Stiftung and Artistic director Nike Bätzner we were invited to present our research in Room for Association – The Wunderkammer. “This exhibition intended to perpetuate the principles of art and natural science cabinets and modernise them in the sense of transdisciplinary networking.” For more information see: http://www.kulturstiftung-des-bundes.de


It is an honour to collaborate with the very moving artistic efforts of the Sinop curatorial team! “Sinopale brings international contemporary art to the city of Sinop by the Black Sea in Northern Turkey. Sinopale is a biennial event – investigating various forms of resistance and adaptation of local movements and initiatives from civil society, ecological activism and nongovernmental politics.” Full conceptual framework can be found @http://www.sinopale.org


movement theatre tbilisi logo - theater organization in georgia / leavinghomefunktion bureaucratic supportersWe must give thanks to the support which was very openly granted to us by “Movement Theatre Tbilisi”. The wonderful people of this organization introduced let us take part in their language, in their humor, in their routines, in their bureaucracies, in their rituals, in their performances…All one wintercamp in Georgia!


eesti kultuurkapital (estonian cultural capital) logo / cultural funding / estonia

Fine Art and Applied Art Foundation of Estonian Cultural Capital has supported our project with funding for professional camera equipment. For more information (in Estonian) go to www.kulka.ee.




// Benito Opitz // Daniel Laudowicz // Der Capt´n // Tara Guariguata // Alf Zeise // Sabine Rudski // Paul Rieth // Alekseev Leonid Veniaminovich and Gegeshko Lubov Frolavna // Douglas Coupland  www.coupland.com // Anne Wenzel www.annewenzel.nl // M.Kruppe www.mkruppe.wordpress.com // René Schaeffer www.reneschaeffer.de  // Alexander Pkhakadze www.ride-east.com // The Baumann Family www.mein-visum.de // Mr.Ted Sweet (EMS & DFC) www.essentialmotorcycleservices.ca/ // Marc Veit Schwaer www.marcveitschwaer.de



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