To keep the tyre turning,

The exhaust thumping,

And the motorcyclists pulsing.

Restrain us from stealing the farmer´s last cow.


Your financial contributions help us cover our daily costs i.e. petrol, spare parts, minced meat, and at the same time support the realization of our documentary research. But it is not just financial support that is valued here –  we welcome anyone willing to have our back. Joining our crowd means all directions are possible:

  • support us in our crowdfunding campaign on PATREON
  • purchase one of our limited edition leavinghomefunktion packages also starring in our crowdfunding campaign
  • support us with information on tracks, Ural-specialists’ or any further useful contacts on our landway to New York – participate in organization
  • another important form is support regarding the motorcycle reconstructions, innovative engineering solutions and further mechanical advice – even special equipment
  • recommend our project to sponsors which might be interested (and vice versa) 
  • last but not least we are always thankful for people sending us parcels with cookies, german sourdough bread, worcester sauce and coffee. (keep them coming)

And of course for all those who wish to remain anonymous you can always make donations to our piggy bank. No matter how, no matter what – we highly appreciate any form of support, which will catapult you to our Road of Fame, gallery of supporters or set of sponsors.


piggy bank details: 

IBAN DE46 8005 3762 1894 0455 60


Leave your tracks on our virtual journey while becoming a part of our supportive collective. By signing yourself into our Road of Fame you receive our undying gratitude with our specially designed digital postcard //



Forget about casual wall-hangings, forget about conventional motorcycle-calendars and forget about usual holiday-pictures! Imagine a kitten-calendar, stick it into a 650 flat-engine and try to picture how it soaks up the engine’s oil at 5000 rev/min. Continue by grabbing the whole thing, tying it onto a 2000-watt-subwoofer and turning it to max power! Now get yourself a cool canned beer and a Hungarian salami. Take a comfortable seat on your couch and enjoy the stirring sights of our 2017 HOMECALENDARFUNKTION. Keep enjoying your beer while we place your name on the Road of Fame //  



We provide you with the essentials of our whole journey documented through illustration, photography and text. Arriving to our homelands in Germany, all collected material will be published as our Logbook at Monsenstein & Vannerdat – our publishing house. While waiting for the Logbook we keep you in tune with the pulse of our journey by sending you a digital postcard and our latest video report //  



To purchase any of our leavinghomefunktion packages you can simply get in contact with us at

*please remember to include a subject line: ”leavinghomefunktion package” as well as your shipping address  


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